Portugal, the land of wines!

Famous in the entire world,  the wines from Portugal are a tradition and almost a religion in the country!

In Portugal, I use to say, they produce wines even in their backyards. A grape tree, years of knowledge and passion are the fuel for all the portuguese home winemakers.

And their product is delicious. Soft with a smoothy accent, portuguese wines are not too acid like their french neighbor ones and not that strong like south italian ones.

In my personal opinion, the best wines in the world are from Portugal, Chile, California and Argentina. But as I said, it is personal. The excellence of wine is exactly that, we don`t need to agree to have a nice bottle together. It`s a world that links people, cultures, religions, countries…. It is endless and so beautiful!

The most famous grapes in Portugal are the tipical NationalTouriga, Roriz Touriga, Alvarinho and Aragonez!

Oh, we can not forget the amazing and tasty Green Wine from the North of Portugal. It is produced above Porto City region. It is called green not because its color, it is a white wine. But because the fields where its production happens…. Unbelievable green fields up where the eyes can reach! 

It is breathless!

Portugal is breathless. The country, the food, the people, the enviroment and…. the wines, of course!!!

Article written by me for https://blog.gastroadvisor.com

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