Wine In A Can!

Wine is considered  food in some countries worldwide. 

It is envolved in some religious rituals and celebrations. 

It is milenar.

 It comes from Bible and Christ.

That´s why some people avoid to take it in cans… They think it is a sacrilege!

I always say wine is a democratic drink. It accepts so many different kinds of food; it fits in many situations; it can be cheap or expensive and still be a very good one!

It goes to the richest and to the  average tables. To the youngest and elderly people!

And, why not a can on the beach? By the pool? In a picnic basket? In a soccer game???

It is practical, easy to carry, very cheap in the most times, funny and gives a little joy to the moment!

I don`t have problems in trying new wine experiences. I have my “best ones”, but I taste them from Australia to Alabama without second thoughts.

If it is in a box, a can or a fancy bottle, the flavor is what matters the most!

Of course, it is not right to have a canned or boxed wine in a formal party. The occasion asks a varietal reserved, for example!

 The art to choose the right wine is an important part of the wine universe. That´s why I`m here… To show of my researches and help you to get the best of this amazing world!

Do that like me… Open your mind, try the unknown and get surprised. It is refreshing and it will make you feel younger and happier!!!

Give the different wines a chance!!!!!!!!!!

Article written by me for

From Lugano, Switzerland.

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