Brazil… Soccer, Samba and Wine!

Brazil reminds music, carnival, beaches, sun…….

But Brazil is much more than this. It is a land of big cities, blessed nature, blue ocean, great food and WINES!

All along the country we can find wineries and grape fields, but the South is the most important brazillian region in wine production.

With a colder climate than the rest of the country, its terroir is very similar to Europe one. In the beginning of 1990`s the soil was fixed by italian winemakers to grow the grape trees. 

The South of Brazil has a important influence from Europe because of the colonization. There are cities that only italian or german lenguages are spoken. Those groups enriched the grape activity in the region.

Our wines and, mainly, our sparkling wines are rewarded around the world. For many people from the enology universe, after France (the land of Champagne), brazilian sparkling wines are the best in the world…. I agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brazilian sparkling wines have identity. They are strong but smooth. They are fresh and have lots of flavor and accent. They bring a fruit memory in the mouth and their golden points are stunning! The “perlage” (bubbles) is perfet!!!!!!!

In my “winelife” I have tasted many of them. I simply love them because of theirs skills and the number of combinations with foods that they allow us: “feijoada”, japanese food, any kind of fish, entrées, desserts… there are no limits for a good sparkling!

In a tropical country like Brazil, the sparkling wine…. SPARKLIES!!!!!!!!!!

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