To Wine Or Not Wine!

What is your doubt?

Ok, wine is a alcoholic drink… But is has lots of healthy properties!

The polyphenols from grapes are scientific proved that have heart benefits. 

But let´s forget the science…. I prefer the pleasure of a good bottle sorrounded by friends or in a meeting or even alone!

Wine is fancy and simple. It matches to a gorgeus moment or home vibe as well!

There is a social media thought that I love: 

“If something good happens, have some wine to celebrate.

If something bad happens, have some wine to forget it.

But if nothing happens, have lots of wine to make it happen…..!”

I think this should be enough… because I have never seen somebody celebrates anything with milk! (another great social media moment … LOL)

In all my good memories the wine has been always present. 

Since chilhood my Spanish father used to have a five liter gallon of a local winemaker at home. My share was with water, ice and sugar…. But, who cares? My lovely wine tasty began exactly there!

So, celebrate the “French Paradox” … the research that I most agree ever!

 Let´s have wine, be healthy and happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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