Portuguese Wine & Travel!

All we brazillians have a little bit of PORTUGAL in our veins!

Since our colonization up today the portuguese influence in very strong among brazillians! 

The language, some slangs, habits, the taste … Taste is, without any doubt, the best heritage that the portuguese people gave to Brazil!

Food, candies and WINES… always!

Sorry France, Italy and Spain (my blood) but in my opinion, WINES from PORTUGAL, Chile and California are the best!

Of course I love a Beaujolais, a Chianti or a Brunello … But they are pontual ones. From PORTUGAL, Chile and California I love all of them!!!!!!

In PORTUGAL the winemakers grow more than a thousand different kinds of grapes!!! Some of them are found in other countries, some don´t. 

National Touriga and Roriz Touriga are PORTUGAL exclusivities!!!!!!

Portuguese WINES are strong but soft at same time. They are very tasty but in the mouth they do not dry the papillas! The smell is from berries…. awesome!

In PORTUGAL everybody is a kind of winemaker. It is a tradition in the country. I use to make a joke: ” In PORTUGAL they produce wine even in their backyards!!!!”

Millenar and a God nectar, WINE is universal. It fits in many situations, it accepts many combinations!!

If taken with moderation and good sense, WINE has the power to improve a human´s healthy and extends longivity.

So let´s take our blessed WINE with sense, joy and happiness… Then we all can travel to PORTUGAL by plane, train, car or in a virtual way with me in my next video on YouTube!!! 

STAY TUNED!!!!!!!!

Article written by me for https://blog.gastroadvisor.com

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