One Tannat Wine, Two Countries and Me!!!!!

This time my heart is in Brazil and Uruguay at the same time!

My Wine is a Tannat, the grape symbol from Uruguay. But I chose a brazilian label from Miolo Winery.

My memories are about my travel to Punta del Este (Uruguay) in 2019. But the taste in my mouth is from a strong and delicious brazilian Tannat Wine!!!

This kind of things makes me think about life… We should not be radical. We must be eclectic!

Ok! When we think about Tannat, Uruguay comes to our minds!

When we think about Chardonnay, California does! 

When we think about Bordeaux, is the France time!

But nothing is absolute in life…. Including Wines.

There isn´t a rule that tells us where they must come from … No rules, please!

There are references, which ones I like too much. They help us to choose the best. But there surprises as well… Good surprises!!!!!

I like to try them. At home, in my trips or in taste sections. To give a chance to a different Wine is to find out new options and flavors.

I cooked a lamb lasagna for my Tannat. My brazillian Wine performed very welll… It was awesome!

The brazillian Miolo Winery produces great Wines and has grown its own vineyard since 1897. Lots of time!!!!! The results are obvious. A Tannat to pleasure me!

So, when you think about Wines, give a chance to the new!

Sometimes it can be not so good. Many times it will be gorgeous… All the times, you will have a unforgettable experience!!! 

The only think you must do is to have your Wine with moderation, peace and joy…. Cheers!!!!!!

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