The Perfect Match

Did you watch “Marcelino, Pane e Vino” ????

 It depends on your age, but you must have already listened about it at least.

Bread, WINE, some cheese, olive oil and pepperoni or ham or salame are the perfect taste match. I think they are almost a marriage… Well, it depends on the kind of marriage LOL

Here in Brazil, italian bread is the top one in any tasty list… It is exactly just like in Italy. I tasted in Milan and I can assure you that the italian immigrants made a great job teaching  brazillians their bakery and with a good extra virgin olive oil  and WINE it is almost paradise!!!

For me that´s enough but I never say no to a piece of parmesan cheese or some slices of parma ham and pepperone… Who resists to those delicious??? They make the perfect match… For sure!

My chosen WINE was a Cabernet Sauvignon from Argentina because it has lots of tannini. It is necessary for the explosion of flavors from all those food!

If I had chosen only the bread and olive oil, a lighter WINE as a Merlot or a Carmenère would be enough. The strong meats ask stronger WINES.

My second combination to this WINE will be a cheese-bacon hamburger…

So, this way, I prove my point: that WINE accepts many combinations in many different situations! 

The secret is to make the right match, drink with moderation and lots of joy!!!!


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